Bob Barrett founded The Beef Kitchen in 2005.

Bob joined The Life Guards, the most senior Regiment in the British Armed Forces, in 1967 and served with them for 3 years before becoming a civilian Entrepreneur and Businessman.

In 2004 Bob found himself penniless and homeless.

The Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation (now Stoll) provided him with accomodation and the support he needed to start to build a new life for himself. It was in this same year that Bob was diagnosed with Cancer. It was during his treatment that he had what he still refers to as his “epiphany”.

Bob decided to set up a Catering business that would be run by ex-Service Personnel and that all the profits made from the enterprise would be given to the Stoll Foundation.

The idea would help ex-Service Personnel on two fronts. It would not only provide much needed support to a charity that houses ex-Military when they are at their most vulnerable but it would use those very same people to instrument that support; it would give them training, a vocation and through that a sense of renewed pride, self-belief and empowerment.

With the help of everyone and anyone Bob could enlist The Beef Kitchen has been doing just that for 7 years and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.