The Beef Kitchen Presents

St. Patrick’s day Picnic on the Green

On Sunday 16th March The Beef Kitchen is setting up camp on Parson’s Green, opposite The Duke on the Green, from 12pm to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We will be cooking with our spit-roast machine, serving up fantastic Salt Beef, Irish Stew and our latest hand-ground Irish Stout Burger. The full menu is below so take a look, tell your friends and get down to Parson’s Green. We look forward to seeing you on the Green.


The Beef Kitchen’s Irish Breakfast Bun: Black & White pudding, Smoked Bacon, Egg and Colcannon Rostis £5

Irish Salt Beef Brisket, Horseradish, Gherkin £5

Irish Stew: Slow-cooked Lamb, Pearl Barley, Soda Bread £6

Spit-roasted shoulder of Pork, Paprika roasted potatoes £6

St. Patrick’s Day Burger, Guinness Welsh-rarebit, Bacon, Brioche Bun £6

Bacon & Cabbage £2.00

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